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Toy Trumpet Player Becomes YouTube Star

Jul 23, 2014 -- 9:20am

Darude's hit dance song "Sandstorm" played on a simple toy trumpet. It almost sounds just as good!  Chris Ott used a 99-cent toy trumpet to cover the techno song.

Now, the performance has become a YouTube hit.



Here is Darude's "Sandstorm."



Online Dating Service Using Your DNA

Jul 22, 2014 -- 12:36pm

Is this creepy or what....? is a new dating site that matches people through their DNA. The site sends testing kits to members, who spit in a tube and then send it back. A lab breaks down the DNA and posts the results on a user's profile.



10 Reasons Why Being a Kid in the '80s Was the Best

Jul 21, 2014 -- 3:26pm


This may bring back a lot of memories from the 80's for some of you.

Check out the article here.

AUDIO: Britney Spears Sings 'Alien' Without Auto-Tune

Jul 10, 2014 -- 11:18am

The producer says that she was just warming up and the recording was not supposed to be shared.

Check out the article and there are videos to compare the two version here.



Seinfeld One-Liners That We Still Love To Use

Jul 09, 2014 -- 10:11am


It's hard to believe that Seinfeld premiered 25 years ago this week.  I never watching it until it was syndicated on TBS, and it is one of my favorites.  There are definitely quite a few that I like to use in the list.

Check it out at Buzzfeed.


Could You Pass A US Citizenship Test?

Jul 08, 2014 -- 9:19am

I'm at 88%

1 in 3 Americans cannot pass it..... can you?

Take the quiz here.



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