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Floyd Commission Approves 2014 Budget

01/31/14 7:00 p.m.

By: Kevin Karel (WRGA News)

The Floyd County Commission completed the arduous task of passing the 2014 budget Friday afternoon, bringing to a close a process which had a multitude of twists and turns in the last several months.

The Commission voted unanimously to pass a budget that creates a shortfall of more than 1.3-million dollars but allows for employees to get raises and takes a smaller than expected bite from the Sarah Hightower Regional Library System. Representatives from the library as well as the Parks and Recreation Department were among those who showed up for an open budget meeting at 11 a.m. preceding the Commission’s caucus.

After originally calling for cuts of $100,000 for both the library and Parks and Rec., the Commission agreed to reduce the decrease to the library to $50,000 for the coming year.

Floyd County Manager Jamie McCord felt as though a load had been lifted from his shoulders following the vote;

“You know we’re in tough times, we do have to keep our eyes on trends and how things are trending and we do see maybe some stabilizing of the economy but we still haven’t gotten out of this, we still have declining revenues and we have continued to cut our expenditures to accommodate that. I do feel good about the budget…really glad to get this process over with in spite of some tough weather this week.” 

Parks and Rec. Executive Director Richard Garland and Board Chairman Jerry Lee asked the Commission for more money and were rebuffed, though McCord and the Commission promised to revisit their request for extra funds in July. The Commission agreed to release $10,000 from the recreation capitol fund to eliminate the department’s estimated deficit for the coming year.

All Floyd County employees will receive a 1% cost-of-living raise effective February 1 and a $500 salary increase paid out as a lump sum on the anniversary of their hire date.

The budget also includes a 25% reduction in contributions to local non-profits and the purchase of 12 new police cars, six each to the Floyd County Police Department and Floyd County Sheriff’s Office.



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