Redevelopment Committee Excited to Repurpose North Georgia Regional Hospital Property

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 -- 6:34 pm

By: Merrilee LaVilla


Rome City officials are enthusiastic about redevelopment opportunities for the North Georgia Regional Hospital property after they received a tour of the campus on Wednesday.

At this point, the project is in the beginning of planning stages. City Manager Sammy Rich says the tour went well and now the next step for the redevelopment committee is to regroup and see where they can go from there.

“It’s a big property so it’s very eye-opening to get a close look. You get a real appreciation for the number of buildings, the amount of square footage involved, and just all the open space. So now the real work starts as we decide how we going to go about putting together a redevelopment plan.”

In other news, Bill Collins, chairman for the Redevelopment Committee, says they are also being proactive in their planning for the Southeast Elementary School property.

The school will be going offline when they merge with the new Anna K. Davie Elementary School. Collins says the committee is looking into their options so they can do what is best suited for the community with that property.