Clothes Make the Woman?

Jul 24, 2013 -- 8:42pm

Ask the average guy what he likes to see a woman wear and chances are you'll get this one word response: "nothing!" But Cosmopolitan Style and Beautyprobed a little deeper and discovered that men observe way more than they let on when it comes to the fashions you drape your lovely self in. Here's what they found:

Which revealing clothing item do you like most?

  • 33% said a miniskirt
  • 32% said a low cut blouse
  • 8% said a tummy baring top (so yesterday)
  • 10% said all three together. Adding, "I like seeing as much as I can."
  • 17% said they don't like revealing clothing because they don't like it when a girl shows her goodies.

What footware do you find sexiest?

  • 68% said high heels
  • 16% said boots
  • 16% said flats

How do you like a girl to dress on a first date?

  • 64% said body hugging jeans and a hot top
  • 36% said a little black dress

What piece of clothing do you find most intimidating on a woman?

  • 42% said in-your-face low cut tops or cut-up-to-there skirts
  • 37% said complicated dresses or tops
  • 21% said shoes or boots with spike heels

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